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Welcome to the Full Python Programming Course by Dr. Amar Panchal, your comprehensive journey into the world of Python! This course is designed for both beginners and intermediate learners who aim to master Python programming. Through a series of structured lessons and practical exercises, you will learn the fundamentals of Python, enabling you to tackle a wide range of programming challenges and projects.

What You Will Achieve:

Grasp Python Basics: Acquire a solid understanding of Python syntax, variables, data types, and control structures.
Develop Problem-Solving Skills: Cultivate your problem-solving abilities by working on diverse programming challenges and exercises.
Write Functional Programs: Gain the confidence to write and execute Python programs for various tasks, such as data manipulation, web scraping, and automation.
Explore Advanced Topics: Dive into advanced Python topics such as decorators, generators, and context managers to enhance your programming proficiency.
Debug and Test Code: Familiarize yourself with debugging techniques and unit testing to ensure your code is robust and error-free.

What You’ll Learn:

Introduction to Python: Understand the history, features, and applications of Python. Set up your development environment and write your first Python script.
Modules and Packages: Learn how to organize your code using modules and packages, and how to import and utilize them effectively.
Beginners with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Knowledge: Individuals who have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and wish to expand their programming skills by learning Python.
Libraries and Frameworks: Get introduced to popular Python libraries and frameworks such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Flask, and Django.
Web Scraping: Learn the basics of web scraping using libraries like BeautifulSoup and Scrapy.
Data Analysis: Explore data analysis and visualization techniques using Pandas and Matplotlib.
Automation: Understand how to automate repetitive tasks using Python scripts and scheduling tools.

Who This Course is for

Beginners with No Prior Experience: Individuals who are new to programming and eager to learn Python from scratch.
Students Pursuing Computer Science or Related Fields: Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in computer science, software engineering, or related programs seeking supplementary learning resources.
Self-taught Programmers: Individuals who have started learning Python through self-study and now seek structured guidance to deepen their understanding.
Junior Developers: Entry-level programmers looking to expand their knowledge and proficiency in Python programming.

Our Instructor

Dr. Amar Panchal

Dr. Amar Panchal possesses over 15+ years of experience in the corporate sector and has dedicated 13+ years to teaching Programming Languages and Technologies. He is the visionary behind Career Credentials. Holding a master’s degree in computer science from UTA, he brings a wealth of expertise to the field. Dr. Panchal has developed an innovative approach to teaching, making complex subjects accessible and engaging with relatable examples. He is renowned for his proficiency in conducting Corporate Training modules across various technologies, seamlessly blending extensive industry experience with a passion for teaching.


For additional resources and practice interview questions, visit Python Notes by Career Credentials and 100 Most Asked Python QnA by Career Credentials. Prepare yourself by exploring our resource portal, Prepcrazy, which features programming notes, informative books, interview question sets, coding platforms, and much more. Feel free to explore it whenever you can!


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The wait is over! 🚀  Python Full Stack kicks off tomorrow.

Dr. Amar Panchal will lead the session, covering the syllabus, flow, full plan, and the roadmap to becoming a top-notch full-stack developer.

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Date: 15th June 2024

Time: 6.00 PM to 8.30 PM

Location (If you're attending offline):

For any queries Contact : +91 99309 99956 

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