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Welcome to the Django Certification Program by Mr. Rahul Sharma, your gateway into the world of web development with Python! This program is tailored for beginners with little to no prior experience in Django. Through structured lessons and hands-on activities, you’ll gain a solid foundation in building web applications using the Django framework.

What You Will Achieve:

Master the Basics: Gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts in web development with Django, including URL routing, views, templates, and models.
Develop Problem-Solving Skills: Tackle basic Django tasks and challenges to sharpen your problem-solving abilities in web application development.
Build Simple Applications: Develop the confidence to create and deploy basic Django applications that handle user input, display data, and interact with databases.
Understand Project Structure: Explore the structure of Django projects, including settings, apps, and project organization, to effectively manage your development workflow.
Become acquainted with debugging: Learn how to debug Django applications to identify and fix common errors, ensuring your projects run smoothly.

What You’ll Learn:

Introduction to Django: Discover the history and significance of the Django framework in web development. Set up your Django environment and create your first project.
URL routing and views: Learn how to define URL patterns and views to handle incoming requests and generate appropriate responses.
Templates and static files: Explore Django’s template system to create dynamic HTML content and serve static files like CSS and JavaScript.
Models and databases: Understand how to define models to represent database tables and perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations using Django’s ORM (Object-Relational Mapper).
Forms and user input: Dive into Django forms to handle user input, validate data, and interact with the database through form submissions.
Authentication and authorization: Implement user authentication and authorization mechanisms to secure your Django applications and restrict access to certain views or resources.

Who this course is for 

Novices without Any Past Experience: Individuals who are new to web development and eager to learn the fundamentals of Django from scratch.
Students Pursuing Computer Science or Related Fields: Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in computer science, software engineering, or related programs who want to supplement their academic studies with practical skills in web development.
Career Switchers: Professionals from non-technical backgrounds who aspire to transition into web development roles and require comprehensive training to kickstart their new careers.
Self-taught Programmers: Individuals who have dabbled in Python or web development through self-study or online tutorials and now seek structured guidance to deepen their understanding of Django.
Junior Developers: Entry-level programmers who have some basic experience with Python or web development but wish to expand their skill set and become proficient in building web applications with Django.

Our Instructor 

Prashant Jha Sir

Mr. Prashant Jha is the Technical Training Head at Campus Credentials, bringing over 7 years of experience as a Senior Programmer to the table. He possesses expertise in Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, having developed solutions like Data Governance Framework, CRM, Workflow, Client Reporting, and Web Application Development. Transitioning from a Technical Trainer to roles like Business and Data Analyst, Prashant Sir’s positive attitude and effective communication skills have been instrumental in fostering relationships across organizations. Throughout his diverse career, Mr. Prashant has made significant contributions, showcasing not only technical proficiency but also a keen understanding of business dynamics.


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