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Welcome to C Programming by Dr. Amar Panchal, your gateway to the world of computer programming! This course is specifically designed for beginners who have little to no prior experience with coding. Through a series of structured lessons and hands-on exercises, you will learn the fundamentals of the C programming language, laying a solid foundation for further exploration in the field of software development.

What You Will Achieve:

Grasp the Basics:Acquire a solid understanding of the basic concepts of programming, including variables, data types, operators, and control flow structures.
Develop Problem-Solving Skills: Cultivate your problem-solving abilities by tackling simple programming challenges and exercises using C.
Write Simple Programs:Gain the confidence to write and execute simple C programs to perform tasks such as input/output operations, arithmetic calculations, and conditional operations.
Understand Program Structure:Learn about the structure of C programs, including the main function, header files, and function definitions.
Familiarize Yourself with Debugging: Familiarize yourself with debugging techniques to identify and fix common errors and bugs in your code.

What You’ll Learn:

Introduction to C: Understand the history and significance of the C programming language. Set up your development environment and write your first “Hello, World!” program.
Control Flow Structures: Master the use of control flow structures such as if-else statements and loops (while and for loops) to control the flow of execution in your programs.
Operators and Expressions: Explore arithmetic, relational, logical, and assignment operators, along with their usage in expressions and statements.
Variables and Data Types: Learn about different types of variables, data types (integers, floating-point numbers, characters), and their usage in C programming.
Arrays: Learn how to declare and initialize arrays, access array elements, and perform simple operations on arrays.
Input/Output Operations: Explore basic input/output operations in C, including using printf and scanf for formatted input and output.

Who this course is for

Beginners with No Prior Experience:Individuals who are new to programming and eager to learn the fundamentals from scratch.
Students Pursuing Computer Science or Related Fields:Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in computer science, software engineering, or related programs who seek supplementary learning resources to reinforce their academic studies.
Self-taught Programmers: Individuals who have already dabbled in programming through self-study or online tutorials and now seek structured guidance to deepen their understanding and fill in any knowledge gaps.
Junior Developers: Entry-level programmers who have some basic experience with coding but wish to expand their skill set and improve their proficiency in specific programming languages or frameworks.

Our Instructor

Dr. Amar Panchal Sir

Dr. Amar Panchal possesses over 15+ years of experience in the corporate sector and has dedicated 13+ years to teaching Programming Languages and Technologies. He is the Visionary behind Career Credentials. He holds a master’s in computer science from UTA, which contributes to his expertise in the field. Over the years, he has developed an innovative approach to teaching, simplifying complex subjects with relatable examples. He is recognized for his proficiency in conducting Corporate Training modules across Various Technologies. Dr. Amar Panchal is known for seamlessly blending extensive industry experience with a passion for making learning engaging and accessible.


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