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Description :

Your first step into the world of Python application development is the Dr. Amar Panchal Python Application Building Program. With little to no prior experience designing applications, this curriculum is designed for novices. Through well-organized courses and practical exercises, you’ll get a strong foundation in Python application development for a variety of uses.

What You Will Achieve :

Master the Basics : Gain a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts in application development with Python, including data types, control structures, functions, and modules. Enhance problem-solving ability : Tackle basic Python tasks and challenges to sharpen your problem-solving abilities in application development. Build Simple Applications : Develop the confidence to create and deploy basic Python applications that perform tasks such as data manipulation, file handling, and user interaction. Understand Project Structure : Explore the structure of Python projects, including modules, packages, and project organization, to effectively manage your development workflow. Acquaint yourself with debugging : Learn how to debug Python applications to identify and fix common errors, ensuring your projects run smoothly.

What You’ll Learn :

Introduction to Python : Discover the history and significance of the Python programming language in application development. Set up your Python environment and write your first application. Data Types and Control Structures : Learn about different data types in Python such as strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets. Explore control structures like loops and conditional statements. Functions and Modules : Understand how to define and use functions in Python for code organization and reusability. Explore modules and how to import them into your projects. File Handling : Dive into file handling in Python to read from and write to files, manipulate file contents, and manage file I/O operations. User Interaction : Learn how to interact with users through input/output operations, including reading user input, displaying messages, and creating interactive menus.

Who this course is for

Novices without Any Prior Experience: People who have never programmed before but are keen to understand the foundations of creating applications with Python from beginning. Students Majoring in Computer Science or Associated Subjects : Graduate or undergraduate students majoring in computer science, software engineering, or related programs who wish to add real-world experience developing Python applications to their coursework. Career Switchers : Professionals with non-technical backgrounds who want to go into programming professions but need extensive training to get started. Programmers who learned on their own accord : Individuals who have dabbled in programming through self-study or online tutorials and now seek structured guidance to deepen their understanding of Python application development. Junior Developers : Entry-level programmers who have some basic experience with Python or programming but wish to expand their skill set and become proficient in building applications with Python.

Our Instructor 

Dr. Amar Panchal Sir 

Dr. Amar Panchal possesses over 15+ years of experience in the corporate sector and has dedicated 13+ years to teaching Programming Languages and Technologies. He is the Visionary behind Career Credentials. He holds a master’s in computer science from UTA, which contributes to his expertise in the field. Over the years, he has developed an innovative approach to teaching, simplifying complex subjects with relatable examples. He is recognized for his proficiency in conducting Corporate Training modules across Various Technologies. Dr. Amar Panchal is known for seamlessly blending extensive industry experience with a passion for making learning engaging and accessible.



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